Saturday, June 23

Safe and Sound!

Hey everyone! This is our first post from Hope House here in Haiti. We have made it safe and sound. We had only one delay in Ft. Lauderdale but it wasn't too big of a set back. We landed and made it through immigration without too much trouble and were able to pack up the truck and hit the road in no time. The majority of us rode in the bed of the truck to the compound and were able to see everything up close and personal. We got to Hope House, unpacked, settled in, and had some amazing bouillon for dinner. We wrapped up the night with a devo and some worship and now everyone is settling down after a long, long day of travel.

Now I will actually introduce myself. My name is Christiaan Letsinger and my friend Jimmy and I were invited on this trip by our Pastor, whom Pastor Josh contacted about openings on the trip. This is the the first international missions trip that either of us had been on... and quick frankly, we weren't sure what we were getting in to. Our distance from Bolingbrook only allowed for us to make one meeting about this trip and we only briefly were able to meet everyone. Needless to say we were not only nervous about coming to Haiti but also coming with complete strangers. Everyone from Joyful Spirit has shown nothing but kindness and love and we fit in like we have known each other all along. I personally am thankful for that.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when we got here and I still have not taken all of it in. What I have seen is a country that by all standards should be extremely broken but it seems like so many people have such great faith and take life day by day just like the rest of us. It astounds me and already has me challenging myself to make changes for when I get back home.

I am so blessed to be on this trip and could write so much already but have about 10 minutes til the generator is turned off and would love to take a cold shower because even though it was cool today (cool as in only 90 degrees) it is still super humid. I am excited to see what God has in store for us this week and I am sure one of us will be back on tomorrow to update!

God bless.

Here we go!

Sunday, June 17

Diapers, Hand Soap, Toothpaste, Children's Tylenol...

Thank you to all of our tremendous supporters! Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to fulfill the current needs of the orphanage, medical clinic, and school. With all of these helpful supplies sent from strangers in the US, we are certain that the people of Haiti will feel cared for and loved.

We have already packed 16 industrial sized duffle bags and have a few more to wrap up this week.

Thanks again for helping us fill these bags with love!