Saturday, January 17

It Can Be Done

The Team has arrived in Haiti and all went really well. Pick ups, transfers to the airport, check-in and off we were. That is Gina and Steven Baker, Gene Butcher and his brother Larry, Jim Cantrell, Chuck Knapp, Francy and Sarah McNamara, and Josh Auchenbach and his friend Greg coming in from Arizona.

We had about a 5 hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale but spent the time mingling and getting to know each other as well as talking about past experiences of some that have made this trip several times already.  On we were for Haiti leaving at 2.25PM on time and without any problems. Flying over the country is such a beautiful sight that one might easily forget the problems that people here face. We will have many pictures to prove that. When we arrived at Port-au-Prince our "spotter" Cherie was waiting for us in the terminal but Gina, Sarah and Francy rushed right past him. Our drivers Lucien and Populaire were waiting outside with Bert and we quickly loaded all our supplies into the truck and the van to head to hope house. Quickly our rooms were assigned, we moved in with our belongings and shortly after dinner was waiting for us. And how delicious it was. With great appetite we indulged into yummy pasta, salad, fresh baked bread, lemonade and ice tea. Greg and Francy hurried to do the dishes and we got together for our devotion led by Gina from the book of 2 Corinthians 9:8: God will graciously provide all you need. You will always have plenty and an abundance left over to share with others. A great encouraging start for our work here at LCJ and VOH. We sang two familiar songs from JS accompanied by Josh on the guitar and Debbie provided us with the action plan for our two groups for the week. Lots needs to be done but this group is not only experienced but ready for action. Stay tuned.


United and Ready To Go!

We made it to Fort Lauderdale and picked up our two team members from Tucson.   Ready to board for Port Au Prince and looking forward to a great week of growing and serving!