Saturday, May 26

School + Health Clinic Needs List

We've received the needs list for the school and health clinic! If you can contribute any of the items on this list or the orphanage needs list from our previous post, please contact any teammate to make arrangements for pick up/drop off. We will need any donations by June 10th.

Thank you in advance!
School + Health Clinic
Chalk – white
12-inch Rulers
Jumbo Crayola crayons - 8 pack
Regular Crayola crayons - 24/box
Colored Crayola pencils -package of 12
Liquid anti- bacterial hand soap
Bar soap –antibacterial  (like Dial)
Bar Soap - moisturizing (like Dove)
Empty film canisters or other small containers with caps. We use them to dispense creams; empty prescription bottles work, too. Remove labels before sending.

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