Wednesday, May 4

60 Short Hours Away...

It is so hard to believe that we will be en route to Haiti in about 60 hours!  We are all waiting patiently, anticipating the trip ahead of us, while we wrap up work and business at home.  Some of us may have begun packing our personal bags already (for the record, Josh & i haven't started).  Thankfully, Julie (our fearless, amazingly organized leader) has armed us with a perfect packing list, so we're feeling pretty confident about that.  We're all set with packing our team bags as all 27 of them are packed to the brim, most weighing 49.8-49.9 pounds, just a hair under the 50 pound check on limit!  Most are donations to the orphanage, school, and medical clinic, thanks to all of you and your generosity.  We had these bags all packed in time for our original January 29th departure date, so they've been ready to go far before we were!  Hopefully we'll get up to speed quickly. :)
We are excited to see the friends that we have made over the years, and hopeful to see signs of repair to the physical structures.  Most of all, we trust that we will see hope in the eyes of our old and new friends.
We hope you will continue to check in on us through this blog, and we intend to post daily.  Our internet connection won't be the best, but we'll manage! (Gasp!  We'll be without Facebook!)  We pray that your heart will be touched through this blog as you learn of the wonderful ways God is moving in Haiti.
Please keep our team in your prayers for a safe trip to our destination, productive work, meaningful connections, and a safe trip home.  May the people of Haiti feel God's love through our actions and presence, and may we be forever changed by this experience.

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