Sunday, June 24

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

AAAAH, my second day here in the caribbean. Steve here, so far it's been a very moving experience for me. People everywhere on the side of the road. Are they homeless or just looking for direction?

We started the day with one eye open. Sunday morning breakfast. A bumpy ride to the church for Service. On Sundays everyone dresses to the nines. The Sunday service was fabulous. A lot of interaction with the crowd. It reminded me of Us for our once a year revival tent service. Afterwards we had a nice lunch buffet at the Visa Hotel. Very nicely done. We even watched NASCAR.
Afterwards we headed off to the St. Christophe Earthquake memorial area. This is where all the bodies were buried after the January disaster. The best way I can describe this scene is to imagine looking up at a pretty blue sky. Then look west at the waste dump off of Royce Road in Bolingbrook, IL., filled with black crosses placed unequally along the hillside. To me, this is what loneliness feels like when you drive by, or just stare at that hill.

After the visitation a respect of life, we went back home and just took it easy, for 30 minutes. Then we pre packed all tools and donations for the next 4 days to be handed out.

Tomorrow, the work begins. To make life just a little bit easier for a few of our fellow neighbors.

We woke up with one eye open, and ended the day with both eyes open.

Peace Out



  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Steve - you all stay safe!

  2. What a somber experience it must have been to actually visit the earthquake memorial site. I can't even imagine what an impact it must have had on all of you. On a lighter note Chuck delivered a wonderful sermon on Sunday that included the mustard seed parable. I couldn't help but think of how you all are planting tiny mustard seeds and also growing your plants in the process. Things at our village picnic seemed to be going well and I do believe I saw Larry Butcher on stage doing a "wiggle" to the song 'I'm Sexy and I know It' LOL. Can't wait to hear about all the smiles you put on peoples faces today. Take care. Jill

  3. Wow ~ "We woke up with one eye open, and ended the day with both eyes open" ~ powerful witness! Glad to hear things are going so well there. Will keep you all in my prayers.

    JOSH, Eli settled in very quickly and easily became "one of the pack" within hours! :)

    Deb Tomsky