Thursday, June 28

Where does the king live?

Hello everyone, Gina Baker, here,
 So I asked the question, Where does the king live?  I know many of you are saying Kentucky, maybe Alabama.  NO, let me clarify, I'm not talking about that king (Elvis).  Where does Our King live?

Today, I met our King, living in Haiti.  After, a hard, hot, humble week, we were treated to a wonderful lunch, and an emotional "Thank You" party.  Our plan for the party was for us to hand out the donated gifts to all the workers at Little Children of Jesus orphanage and say ThankYou for  all their hard work, 365 days of the year.  And how it ended was with them saying Thank you to us for 4 days of, compared to Haitian days, is hardly work.

Anyway, back to my original though, I met our King today.  His "earthly" name is David.  He lives at the orphanage.  Cerebral Palsy as robbed him of his ability to speak clearly, to walk, to dress himself, to feed himself, to go to the restroom, and the list goes on.  What it has NOT robbed him of is, his mind.  David understands everything you say to him in English, in French, and in Creole. I invited him to our Thank You party, and his was so thrilled.  But remember, I said this was an emotional party and when my joy began to overflow (when I began to cry), David comforted me.  He put his arm around me, held my hand, and gently put his head on my shoulder.  At that moment, David, was Our King reaching out to me, comforting me!!

You have to understand, I am a Joyful Spirit team member oldtimer, I began coming to Haiti, off and on since 2003, and meet David in 2004.   When I meet him, he was 13 or 14 years old, now he is a young man of 22 and over the years, I have provided him with some physical therapy, tried to help with some of his material needs, and tried to show him Christ, in me.  I haven't shown him anything! He  has shown me! And today that was more evident than ever!

So, remember, if anyone asked where's the King,  you can say for sure, where he is NOT.  He is not in Kentucky or Alabama, or in a Sunday morning church, or in a collection of 66 books (the Bible).  That's not to say that you won't encounter him in one of those places.  It's to say that Our King, Jesus, truly lives in the Love, the Grace, and the Comfort, that we show and share with one another.

So go and find Him! And go and share him!
Peace and Love, Gina


  1. AMEN, Gina! - Deb Tomsky

  2. Great, now you got me crying. Thanks for sharing. See you all soon, I hear you are now in Florida. I will be keeping my eyes open and looking for the king! Jill

  3. Well said! - Deb B.