Tuesday, February 19

Day Four: Update Team Haiti

Dear Diary,

Today, our team of 10 split into three groups. One of the teams went to the Little Children of Jesus orphanage and spent the day with the kids. They participated in a water-color painting activity and general play time. The next group went to Village of Hope school and repainted the depot to match the newly painted high school; white walls with electric blue trim. It looks fantastic! The third and final group stayed at the Village of Hope compound and made support beams for the overhang roof extension and may or may not have fried the microwave at lunch time....Regardless, they made enough support to extend the overhang 28 feet! Tomorrow will include more interaction at the orphanage, painting the Chapel at VOH, and continuing of the overhang project at the compound. All three groups had different experiences today, but we all came to the same conclusion: our time sent in Haiti thus far has opened our eyes and our hearts to the joy this country shows and will continue to show us each day of our stay here.

- Herb and Jessica

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