Monday, February 18

The Haiti Mission Trip Weight Loss Plan

We've long understood that man cannot live on bread alone. Bread can feed the body AND there's a spiritual component to our lives that must be fulfilled as well. Without that spiritual component man is lost. No amount of food will change that.

On a trip like this to Haiti, it's fascinating to watch how little nourishment the body needs despite what can be a very active day.

With the mind busy with the tasks of the day, eager to engage in the next spiritually uplifting task, euphoric about the work being done - in that environment the need for a meal can slip away.

The body is forced into a different routine and though that may, at first, be uncomfortable, it ultimately feels very good to be reminded how unimportant bread can be, especially when the soul is feeling nourished.

Perhaps one of the Joyful Spirit marketing geniuses will stumble upon this blog this evening and will invent the next great diet crazy - the Haiti Mission Trip Weight Loss Plan - where feeding the spirit, makes you too full of joy to want to eat much else.


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