Monday, February 18

Filled with Joy

My third day on this adventure was filled with all different kind of experiences. While a full range of experiences, there was one common theme: the joy of the Haitian people.

Our day started with a trip out to Village of Hope for the start of the school day. I stood amazed by the group of 120 kids, 3, 4 and 5 years old singing and dancing as they started their day. They welcomed us with the biggest smiles and it was really moving to see these kids who walked miles to school smiling, singing and thanking God for all that they have.

After a tour of the school and the medical center we went to work. Some of the team painted a storage building and I helped put a door on the incinerator for the medical center. It took a few hours and several drill bits, but we got the job done.

We then headed to the Little Children of Jesus orphanage and spent some time visiting with the kids. It really makes me stop and think about life. As everyday life tends to get us down, we whine and complain about the smallest things; yet here are these kids, with nothing, some severely disabled, but yet so full of joy. They just look at you and smile and you can't help to be moved.

Next we went to visit the earthquake memorial. On our way there, we were stuck in traffic behind a former school bus carrying probably 70 plus people on board; in the back window, was a little girl smiling and waving at us as we sat in traffic.

Finally, we returned Hope House and cut lumber to make beams to expand the roof over a workshop area.

For me, it really makes me stop and think how backwards this is. Here I am, an American: with a job, a house, and a great family; then there are these kids, and people here who have literally nothing, but have more joy, more smiles and more love than anyone can imagine. It really puts things in perspective and makes me wonder why I allow the little things to steal my joy. If the people here can be full of joy, why can't I?

I have learned a lot about myself in these 3 days. I am glad that i came on this adventure and look forward to what the next few days will bring.

Time to get some sleep, before we start it all over tomorrow.


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