Thursday, January 22


It is Thursday night. We have celebrated communion after our devotions and have had some time of reflection while considering the logistics of packing so we can be on the road to the airport at six AM.

The work was sometimes difficult but the spirit of those we came to serve, the Haitians, kept us focused. Time and again, at the school, the orphanage, at worship service and even moving the streets, each of us were captivated with the interminable spirit of the Haitians.

There is much beauty here, however, it is difficult to miss in the dust, the garbage and the difficulties associated with survival here in the densely populated urban area. Somehow, people are friendly and even joyful in their expression. It came through powerfully in the service last Sunday and it carried us through our week in many ways. Francy read a verse (Romans 5:5) during her devotion just last night that explained the impression. Looking difficulty in the eye when you need to sustain personal peace enough to make the next move and go forward, we should see not the disabled child or the possibility of disease. We must know we are looking into the eyes of Christ. We should then find the certainty that we will be sustained.

We are soon to be home again to our families and loved ones. We look forward to returning to our lives but we look forward most to living changed by this experience. May God give us the power to live the lessons learned here in Haiti. We want all to know that this inspirational trip is one we are ready to share.

Greg Paulsen

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