Monday, January 19


Today the team split into two crews, the construction team of Gene, Larry, Jim, Chuck, Steve and Greg. Their job was to dismantle the existing ceiling in the kitchen area at the Hope House, cut down lumber to construct a frame for the new ceiling, but before the whole area had to be cleared and the supplies readied outside the dining area, i.e. lumber, saws, building material, ladders, tools, etc. The goal is to have the new ceiling up by tomorrow and they are half way done so well within the time projected. Meanwhile the other team assigned to help out at the Little Children of Jesus were driven by Debbie to the nearby orphanage with supplies graciously donated by members of our church, their families, friends, and co-workers. These gifts of clothes for the children, soaps, bottles of lotion, vitamins, wipes, and more are very much needed and so welcome by the staff. The order of brothers in charge of LCJ send their heartfelt "Thank you" to all back home. Pastor Josh, Gina, Francy and I went through a short introduction and then on to the open area dining facility where most of the children lay in beds, cribs, sit in chairs or strollers, and some walking about if capable. Bowls of breakfast consisting of a rice and vegetable cereal with mixed in vitamin tables had to be spoon fed to the children. This took some time since the feeding needs to be slow and careful as not all children have the ability to swallow easily. After breakfast all children got a bath, a fresh set of clothes and were returned to their beds that had been wiped clean in the meantime. The team did bond with the children too with interaction of dancing, talking, and just being with them and sharing their smiles and laughs. Pastor Josh, Gina and myself did tend to them again with moisturizing their bodies, especially the ones with skin issues like psoriasis and eczema. After a short lunch in the company of David, a handicapped resident well known to the team members that have been here many times before, the order of brothers invited us to visit their home, served us snacks and lemonade and we got to know each other better and their mission, personal backgrounds and history of the order. Debbie picked us up as agreed at about 3PM and back we went to Hope House for time of rest, reflection on the day, dinner of yummy lasagna, salad, bread and a banana cake with a brown sugar frosting and fresh watermelon, and a wonderfully prepared devotion lead by Chuck pointing out talents and gifts given by God but not always recognized by us. It can be done and you can do it. You must try and trust in the Lord. The biggest fear is fear itself and failure will never be the outcome. Try!


  1. Great update, Francy! Sounds like a full day. Continuing to pray for you all!

  2. Awesome job, team! Continued prayers for everyone!

  3. Sounds like a very fulfilling and productive day. Thanks for sharing again.

  4. Very inspiring Francy! :) - Deb Tomsky