Tuesday, January 20

God-Given Gifts

Today was another productive day. The crew at Hope House (Gene, Larry, Steve, Jim, Greg, and Chuck) continued to make progress on the ceiling replacement.  Chuck's gift of height has been well-utilized as evidenced by his inability to raise his arms above his shoulders this evening.  Gina, Sarah, Francy, and I were once again out at Little Children of Jesus where it was a full day of feeding, bathing, arts & crafts, and hanging out with the kids.

The days at the orphanage have been a little different this year, with the absence of the more capable and active kids who are now attending school. We decided to stay later today to be able to see them for a short time, as this would be the only day schedule-wise that it would work out. So many times in the past, those kids would be waiting to enthusiastically greet us as our truck would turn into the driveway of the orphanage. Today, I found myself in that same place, watching the clock as I anxiously anticipated their arrival. At about ten till four, their school bus finally arrived and Stevenson, Ben, Linda, Manu, Anderson, and the crew all all filed out of the bus, neatly dressed in their school uniforms. We were warmly greeted with hugs and smiles, and had some time to do a craft project that Francy and Sarah had prepared. While I have so greatly missed spending time with them this trip, I deeply encouraged to know that they are getting a chance to be educated and realize their God-given potential.

Tomorrow we head out to the school at Village of Hope where we will get another chance to witness kids who are receiving this amazing gift of education, being given the chance to grow into all God created them to be.



  1. I too find Chuck's height handy arund our home! I sent him with lots of IBprofin so I hope he took some.
    I'm glad you got to see Stevenson, as he holds a special place in Chuck's heart.
    Thanks for sharing again.

  2. Oh my... are you trying to kill me, Josh, in posting Ben's photo up there like that?! He is growing too fast. Miss him and all of the kids. Thanks for the update. Rest up for another productive day tomorrow!

    1. Cheryl, Luke and Micah would love a brother!

  3. Francy & Sarah, I LOVE the craft!!! Great idea!

  4. Another great day! Praying for you all. - Deb Tomsky