Monday, January 22

1/21 – Day 2:

Pastor Dave:

Its our first full day and first overnight here at the Hope House Compound. It has been incredible thus far to observe and drink in all the that Haiti has to offer. For this first timer to Haiti, there wasn’t much in the least that was familiar once we touched down in the Port au Prince airport. But familiarity isn’t the experience I was hoping to have. There is a rhythm and a flow to life here that works and makes sense from traffic to commerce to social life.

Being that our first full day in Haiti is a Sunday, we all went to church. For myself, it was a unique experience just being a parishioner and not a worship leader! Unlike years past, we went to Port au Prince Fellowship, which is an English-speaking congregation for worship service. There was wide variety of people present from Haitians, to other American live-in missionaries. And wouldn’t you know it, there is much that you all would be familiar with from the Joyful Spirit worship experience. All of the music was lead by a wonderful praise band. Much music was sung jubilantly, and a living Word was heard by all.

After worship Rob & Trish (our in-country mission administrators and wonderful hosts) took us to one of their favorite restaurants for lunch. Now this lunch spot is one of the places they frequent for when they are wanting a bit of an ‘American Fix.’ The restaurant is located in a complex that houses the majority of temporary in-country government workers. To their credit, it was delicious!

After lunch we came back to Hope House and got started on some of the work projects around the compound. Some of my This Old House viewing come into good practice! I changed out the three drains in each of the kitchen sinks.

Our day rounded out with dinner, fellowship, devotions and even a euchre game or two. And now, time for rest and sleep to be ready again for tomorrow!
Peace & Love,
Joyful Spirit Haiti Team

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