Tuesday, January 23

1/22 – Day 3:


A little change of plans for today. We were going to be headed to the Little Children of Jesus Orphanage today, but they were having a medical team come in for assessments and healthcare, and we would have been a distraction for all of the kids! So, we decided to make today our Hope House work day instead and it has been a flurry of activity. As soon as lunch was over, the painting began. The guest houses are now a bright and colorful yellow and aqua. A new bathroom vanity has been built and installed, screen doors replaced, screens themselves replaced throughout the kitchen and common space. So much has been accomplished and it really looks quite great. Several of the local Village of Hope employees were also working today and it has been a joy to work along side them and get to know them as well.

It was nice being able to love on Rob and Trish and showing some love to Hope House.  It is so nice being a part of this team as we have been working so well together and having a great time.  We are gelling nicely together and really creating many great memories to last a lifetime!  After the day of work, we had a very good dinner which consisted of Haitian chicken, djon djon rice, milton squash, salad and some fresh mangos.  Yum Yum!!  After dinner, I was surprised with a homemade card and a Haitian cake to celebrate my birthday!  This was such a surprise and much appreciated!  Thank you to all of you!  It sure made my day.  We wrapped up the day playing many games of Uno.  Off to bed we went since we have an early start to the day so that we can see all the children at Village of Hope!  What a great day that will be!!!  Good night all!  Thank you for the prayers while we are here!  Its been another great experience!!!
Peace & Love,

Joyful Spirit Haiti Team
You can also check out some great photos of our team from the Village of Hope Facebook Page!

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