Friday, January 26

1/25 Day 6

Today we had the amazing opportunity to visit Little Children of Jesus (LCJ).  At this facility campus we were able to spend time with the Brothers (who are from Africa serving in Haiti) who are caring for the disabled children.  To put things in perspective, locals have told us that Haiti may be one of the most rejected countries in the world and the children who are left at the door steps of LCJ are rejected by the local Haitians.  But the Jesus says in the Bible “what you have done to the least of these you have done to me.”  It was amazing to see how happy these children are even among such challenging conditions and to see how the staff are doing such a fantastic job with the limited resources.  My prayer is for these children to continue to be loved and cared for by the Brothers and others who are able to serve here. 

Breakfast and lunch meals are simple, fruit, granola bars and peanut butter sandwiches.  Dinner was a local meal prepared for us by local employees who come to the Hope House.  They prepared meatballs and local rice pilof (beats, onions, seasoning, rice) with a salad, local bread and a dessert with carrots and jello?  It was delicious and I am so pleased how well we are eating.
We finished the day with group devotions and playing Uno/cards.  The devotions were special as we shared how we felt about being present at LCJ today.  Each of us have different feelings and comfort levels being around disabled children.  It was a blessing to see Caleb, who shared he is not comfortable being around these kind of things, playing with the kids and doing exercises and stretches with the children who have contractures and need positioning in order to prevent skin breakdown.  It was enlightening to also hear others share how deep and moved we are from being around these precious children of God, they are important and being a part of caring for them, even for a day, is part of God’s plan.  Good night and be blessed.

Peace & Blessings,

Joyful Spirit Haiti Team

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