Tuesday, May 10

Chalk One Up

Another early rise to start our busy day. The 5 newcomers are off to see the food for the poor and do some Haitian shopping, the others are on their way back to the school and orphanage to resume their projects. Since I am a newbie I was able to visit the food for the poor and was able to see first hand how many families rely on such a program just to survive and feed their families. We also where able to serve the people their daily rations which really hit me hard because of the look of despair on their faces as I filled their buckets with rice. Next I went to the orphanage to some painting. When I was done painting I interacted with the children and played some games with them. The children were having a great time and at one point this young girl about 8 years old wanted to play catch so we played for a little bit. When her and I were finished playing I had to take a walk because my emotions took over and started to tear up. In summery this was one of the most humble days of my life. Jim B.

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