Sunday, May 8

Our Great Sunday Experience

Today is Sunday! What a great day we had. it started at 4:00am with the rooster talking-to us. we also had coconuts falling on our roof very early in the morning! the day started with a cold shower to get the blood flowing and then had breakfast. We then jumped into the back of the open truck to head to church at Village of hope. what an experience it is to get from place to place. the roads are not paved by any stretch of the imagination! Plus there are no rules for driving. Everyone is honking to let you know that you are in the way or I'm passing you by on either side, so don't move over. I'm glad that I don't have to drive here, I don't think that I would survive. Bert gave us a tour of the school grounds once we arrived! what a great spot they have to teach the kids. It is however MUCH different than what our kids have in the states. They are so blessed!

Church in the chapel was a great experience. Even though the entire service was spoken in French and Creole you can feel the love of the Lord in the room and in each individual! We were asked to sing a song for them so the 12 of us sang "Waves of Mercy" for them and asked that they clap along. It was a great feeling to see all the smiling faces looking back at us and enjoying our music. After church we got the opportunity to talk to a few of the kids and. I found out that they walk an hour to get to school and church one way in the hot hot hot weather. Another thing that I noticed as we were driving today was all the sharply dressed people walking to church. They all take such pride in how they dress with the little bit that they own.

Lunch was good! We went to a hotel for a buffet. At first I was a little nervous, but was pleasantly surprised by the great taste of food that I tried. Yum Yum!!!

Back to the open truck for another ride of your life. We had a great adventure to ST. Christophe to pay our respects to all those who lost their life in the horrible earthquake in January of 2010. What a humbling experience it was!



  1. Tell Dad that I need a sim card for my phone. I am trying to fix it. -Jonah

    Hey mom and dad(: im glad to see that it seems that you are enjoying your trip so far! exactly how hot out there is it!? it got to be about 70 here today! it was gorgeous! although it did pour, thunder, and lightning , but only for like 15 minutes! everything is going smoothly here, love you and miss you!<3 love, breann

  2. We are doing great and enjoying the trip! Thank you for your comments it is great to hear what is going on at home! We miss you too! It is about 97 and high humidity with a very little breeze. It rained here during the night. However, I didn't hear it at all-- I must have been tired. Tell Jonah that dad will take a look at his phone when we return. Love you all! Hugs and kisses. Mom and dad