Thursday, May 12

Metal & Mangoes

Today marked our last full day in Haiti. Julie, Margi, Lynn, Mike, Cheryl and Josh spent the morning with the kids at Little Children of Jesus. After a week filled with lots of laughs and smiles, we were sad to say goodbye. Gene, George, Mark, and the 3 Jims stayed back at Hope House and took care of some various projects including finding and patching holes in the roof, painting, and some other handiwork. After lunch we all headed out to the metal workers village and stocked up on some beautiful local artwork to bring home as souvenirs and gifts for lucky friends and family members. We also stopped by Grace Mission, a nearby orphanage for 30 girls that is connected to the Lazarus project. We were treated to some great singing by the girls and they loved the slap bracelets we gave them. Finally we arrived back to the Hope House, weighed and packed our bags for tomorrow, and enjoyed a delicious Haitian meal topped off with Cheryl's all-time favorite, mango cobbler. Our final night of devotions was a great time of sharing our highlights of the week and what we will take back with us. There is no question that God has been at work in us and through us and around us. We all feel incredibly blessed have been to be a part of this work and the lives of the Haitian people this week.

Pastor Josh


  1. I have enjoyed your stories. Margi's mom

  2. Such a great idea to do a blog this year! It's been great seeing the photos that are posted! Safe travels coming home!

    Dwn DeBrocco