Monday, May 9

Monday busy Monday

Monday May 9, 2011 - Our day started early, as our truck and van rolled out of the Hope House compound at 6:45. Traffic was heavier today as the work week has started again. The roads are hopelessly full of huge potholes and the Haitian rules of the road are quite different.

We arrived at Village of Hope just as all of the students were arriving for class. There are about 630 students kindergarten through high school, and they all wear uniforms to school. They were are smiling and waving, interested in the visitors in their midst. As a special treat we watched the youngest kindergarten students march and sing onto the playground for an assembly. We met the principals of the school Clovis and Helen, and we introduced ourselves to the kids. Seeing the bright young faces of these children was great.

5 of our team left for the Little Children of Jesus orphanage while the rest of us stayed for work projects at the school. Our two main projects are to build an incinerator to burn the trash and to put a roof on a latrine. Despite putting up some tarps and trying to stay in the shade whenever possible, it was very hot work. And when the kids were let out of the classrooms for recess we suddenly had dozens of helpers around. We worked as long as we could until our water ran out and we were overheated. We have a few more days to finish up.

On the way back we stopped at the LCJ orphanage for disabled children. Our team members were working with the staff to bring joy to and entertain the kids. They are so full of love and joy and they are so happy to see us. The director of the orphanage Gladys and her staff do a great job with the kids.

As we returned back to the compound the work was not yet done. The tool batteries need to be recharged and we built the grate for the incinerator. Everyone is now finishing their showers and we are relaxing before dinner. Pastor Josh is strumming the guitar and it is very peaceful. Haiti is a beautiful island full of wonderful people who have faced a lot of adversity.

For the friends and family we are all doing well. The food is good and plentiful and no one has gotten sick with "Haitian Happiness" we are a bit tired and sore but we feel like we are doing God's work. Blessings to Debbie, Bert, and Roberta as they are the true heroes here.



  1. We are all enjoying our time here, but would love to hear abaqout what's going on back home since we are a little disconnected. So post a comment for us!

  2. Dad (George) - Glad to hear that you are having a good trip so far! I'm thinking about you and everyone else, hoping that you remain safe/healthy. As far as I know everything at home is going good - Mom had a good trip in Kentucky :) It's been great weather here lately - it was about 90 here today! I have a surprise - I'm getting a puppy on Wednesday! I'm really excited! Just wanted to say that I am proud of you, and the rest of the Joyful Spirit Church members that made the trip. How generous and brave of all of you. Can't wait to hear about all the stories from your trip!! Remain safe! Love you, Kayla.