Wednesday, June 22

Day Five... Feeling Alive!

Today was an incredible day!  The kindergarten students at Village of Hope School had their graduation ceremony.  It was a two hour program, and consisted of about twenty songs, dances, and skits.  The 3 year olds through 1st grade students performed every part by memory.  They sang and danced their sweet hearts out!  The theme of the program was the environment, and all of our hearts just melted when two little kids walked out dressed as trees.  All of the decorations were made out of recycled plastic bottles and really showcased the students creativity.  After the program, one of the family members borrowed Danny's guitar and taught us the Creole version of "Awesome God."  Then, the men continued working on the ceiling, and the women cleaned one of the offices and started painting it.  The men will complete the painting project tomorrow because the women are headed back over to the orphanage.  Once our work was completed for the day, we were treated to a trip to the metal working village.  The artistry displayed was truly one of a kind!  Overall, it was a great mixture of work and Haitian culture today.






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