Tuesday, June 21

Day Four... Give us more!

Today was a wonderful day.  It was the last full day at Village of Hope School, so we all piled into the van and headed out to serve the students lunch.  Upon arriving, we had some time before the first round of lunch, so we got a tour of the school and the medical clinic.  Going through the classrooms, particularly the rooms with the younger kids, was so much fun!  The teachers have complete order in their rooms, and the students are learning quite advanced curriculum, and yet there are forty kids in a classroom, and no technology.  It is amazing what they accomplish.  The students were just as sweet as can be, and greeted us with the biggest smiles and boisterous high fives.   We then headed over to the medical clinic and got a tour there, as well.  It is a beautiful building with a triage, pharmacy, dental clinic (that runs once a week), nutrition program, and the start of an optomology clinic.  They also run a malnutrition program every Tuesday, so we got to see some sweet babies today as well.  There have been low crops the last few years, so the nutrition program is vital for the young children and pregnant and/or nursing mommas to thrive.  After the tours, it was time to start serving the meal.  The first round of classes atge at 9:30 and we served the meal through about 1:30. It was great seeing all of the students come through the cafeteria.  As it was the last day of school, they got a special treat of chicken with their rice and beans.  Once we were done serving the meal, we split up, with some continuing to work on the ceiling for the computer lab from the day before, and others sorting medications at the medical clinic.  On our way home from Village of Hope, we stopped by the Missionary of the Poor to say high to our friends from yesterday, and to give a tour to some of us on the trip that will not have an opportunity to serve there on Thursday.  All in all, it was a fantastic day, and we are looking forward to the Kindergarten Graduation tomorrow!


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