Thursday, June 23

The Magnificent Purdue Team!

This trip we were greatly blessed by the addition of three wonderful individuals from Purdue, Bill Larson (also a member of the Board of Directors), Dr. Bob (an engineering professor ) and Claire (a graduate student of engineering).  They were here to survey and soil sample the dozens of acres that Village of Hope owns out at the Village of Hope School.  The long term goal is to move Hope House out to this land, and also to plant large gardens and orchards, as well as raise chickens.  This would make the overall operations for Village of Home much more streamlined and efficient.  It would cut out a lot of travel time, and allow for some revenue to be generated by renting out the current Hope House.  The gardens, orchards, and chickens would also allow for real world application learning with the students.  Bill, Dr. Bob, and Claire accomplished an astonishing amount of ground work while they were here to make this dream a reality, and we were so lucky to have them!

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