Monday, June 20

Day Three... Yippee!

Today we woke up anxious to jump into our work assignments.  The women, Trish, Gina, Meghan, Sara and Francy, went to the Missionary for the Poor, and the men, Jim, Jim, Gene, Steve, Danny, George, and Rob we to the Village of Hope School to complete a ceiling in their new computer lab. 

Last night during our project meetings, the women specifically were asked to pray for an opportunity to work hands on with the residents at Missionary for the Poor.  There had been a change in leadership there, and with that change came a shift in philosophy regarding how much hands on support the residents should receive.  As we all felt strongly called to love on these residents, we prayed fiercely for an opportunity to work directly with them.  Upon arriving at the Mission, there was new leadership (unbeknownst to us) and he was incredibly open to how we wanted to serve, and allowed us to move freely among the mission.  It was an incredible experience, and one we are all so blessed to have experienced.

At the school, the men were drilling holes in concrete holes that had stone masonry behind the concrete.  This presented a significant challenge, but they managed to pull together, and framed the headers into the masonry and stone walls.  This prepares them to put up the ceiling joists and paneling.  They are on schedule, and excited to jump back into their project tomorrow.

Please continue praying for our team and the people of Haiti.

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